Davis was known as Davisville before 1907. It is the biggest city by population in the Yolo County in California. According to the US Census in 2010, this city had a population of over 65000 people. Davis is known for the famous University of California located in this city. This university enjoys huge student numbers, which is more than 9000. It is also the top employer in the city providing job opportunities not only to the locals of Davis but also to people from other cities. Similar to nearby Sacramento, Davis has a Mediterranean climate, which means that it experiences hot and dry summers. 

Due to the university, many of the students’ families move to Davis for residence. This puts on a high demand for houses in Davis. We provide professional attic insulation installation and removal services in Davis. Our skilled professionals survey your house and determine the best R number of the insulation that needs to be installed in your attic. Due to the hot climate in Davis, having a good insulated attic saves electricity costs because it protects the indoor environment from external weather extremes. We remove the old insulation pads from the attic before installing new ones to achieve perfect fit. 

Over time, attic becomes one of the dirtiest places in the whole house. This is because home owners seldom pay ay attention to cleaning their attic. This creates various health concerns by encouraging the growth of molds. This also spoils the paint. We provide quick and hassle-free attic cleaning services in Davis. Contact us today to get rid of all your attic-related problems!