Located in the Verdugo Mountains region of the Los Angeles County in California, Glendale is the 4th largest city in Los Angeles County. It is a sub-urb of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is located 10 miles from the downtown Los Angeles. Like most of other Californian cities of the area, Glendale also has a Mediterranean climate. Glendale is home to many firms such as Walt Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks and LegalZoom. The mountain tops around Glendale provide excellent views of the city.

Attic Cleaning Services in Glendale

Glendale is a busy city, and many people commute daily using private cars and public transport. This leads to a dusty environment during the peak hours. Over time, this dust and other sources of contamination can accumulate on the roof and attic of your house, which give rise to many problems. A dirty attic leads to contamination of the indoor air. This gives rise to unwanted odors and makes the home environment uncomfortable. 

Our experienced staff provides attic cleaning services all over Glendale. We ensure that you have a perfectly clean attic after our services.

Attic Insulation and Old Insulation Removal:

The old insulation pads in the attic present a great problem to home owners who use air conditioning systems. The worn out insulation is not efficient in locking the home space, and provides the conditioned air a potential space through which it can escape. We provide industry standard R-38 insulation installation services all over Glendale, along with removal of old insulation.