Located in Alameda County in California, Hayward is the sixth largest city in the Bay Area. According to an estimate in 2019, the population of Hayward is over 159,000 people. This city, unfortunately, lies on the top of the Hayward Fault Zone, thereby is prone to severe earthquakes. But modern construction technologies and support structures have enabled people to construct buildings which withstand the frequent earthquakes in this region. Hayward city experiences Mediterranean climate, which means that the city has hot and dry summers with cool winters. 

Due to the nature of the climate, people in hayward rely largely on the use of air conditioners to keep the indoor temperature under control. Therefore, insulation service providers are in high demand. We provide high quality attic insulation installation and removal services in Hayward. Our expert staff will visit your house and examine the attic, and automatically determine the best possible R number for the insulation purposes. Good R 38 insulation along with air conditioner can help you cut down the electricity costs and also provide a good cover against the noise from the environment.

We also provide attic insulation removal services that helps you get rid of old insulation pads before installation of new insulation. 

We also provide hassle-free and quick attic insulation cleaning services in Hayward. We help you get rid of unwanted dust and other contamination that collects in your attic. If this dust is not removed, they can give rise to bad smelling odours, which create an uncomfortable environment in the home. This also gives fungus and other foreign agents a chance to grow, which proves dangerous for the paint.