A beach city located in the Western Los Angeles County in California, Malibu always has been home to numerous Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson. It is considered to be an expensive area to live, with all the modern amenities and costly hotels, restaurants and other recreational areas. Malibu is also widely known for its attractive coastline, which offers excellent views along the 27-mile coastline. It has a warm summer Mediterranean climate, with summer temperatures averaging above 71 degrees. It is also known for wildfires, owing to rainless summers with high temperatures.

Owing to the hot climate of Malibu, air conditioning is an absolute necessity for many homes. This needs to be paired with a good insulation in the homes to prevent unnecessary load on the air conditioning systems. We provide attic insulation installation services throughout Malibu. Our experts use the high quality R-38 insulation pads, which are designed specifically to be used in hot and dry summers like those which occur in Malibu. Our staff also handles attic insulation removal for getting rid of old and worn out insulation from your attic. 

Moreover, we also provide efficient attic cleaning service which helps fight contamination that accumulates in the attic over time. Being prone to wildfires, the air quality in Malibu considerably degrades in such an event. The soot from the wildfires accumulates on the roofs and in the attics. This presents a cosmetic problem to the interior of the homes along with generating unwanted smells that degrade the home environment.