Woodland Hills is a neighbourhood in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles in California. It is the home to Woodland Hills Country Club, a golf club with all the recreational options such as dining, golf and entertainment. Woodland Hills fames itself for its association with several celebrities, such as Dr Dre, footballer Orr Barouch and many others. Woodland Hills is known for experiencing one of the most extreme weathers in the region of San Fernando Valley. Mercury often soars above 100 degrees in summers, while going below 7 degrees in the winters.   

Due to the extreme weather in the region, people are largely dependent on the use of air conditioning systems for maintaining a comfortable environment within their homes. A good air conditioning system when paired with good quality insulation in the attic and the walls results in efficient climate control in the house. Efficient air conditioning reduces the electricity costs by a large margin. We provide industry standard and high-quality R 38 and R 39 attic insulation installation services in Woodland Hills. R 38 insulation protects the home environment from external hot weather, while R 39 insulations seals the home environment from the externally cold weather. Apart from insulation installation, we also deal in providing attic insulation removal services in order to get rid of old insulation pads. 

Our attic cleaning services will help you get rid of a dirty attic. Attics are prone to house dust or dust from the external environment, thus making the indoor air smelly. Having a clean attic will help you keep your house free of bad odors.