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Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is commonly used in attics because it is an affordable solution for increasing the attic's r-value. The cel...

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Insulation and Title 24

A building's R-value refers to the capacity of the insulating material to resist the flow of heat. The higher that the number of t...

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The Role of Baffles in Attic Insulation

The role of baffles cannot be overlooked in a properly insulated attic. While insulation is needed to keep warm (or cold) air from esc...

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Radiant Barrier and Title 24

Radiant barriers are materials which are installed in houses so as to reduce heat gain during the summer. Radiant barriers are cruc...

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Attic Rat proofing and how to spot a rat infestation

Dangers of Rat Infestations No one wants to find rats living in the attic of their home because the animals carry life-threatening disease...

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HVAC Systems and Title 24

I n typical new homes of California, split system air conditioners and furnace are common especially in the central valley and the dese...

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