Rodent Control

When rodents and other kinds of crawling animals have access to and become co-owners of your living space, the immediate priority is trapping and removing them. After then, the aim is to make it hard and even impossible for them to get into your home again.

Attic Masters Insulation Services also specializes in providing exclusion services, including sealing off the points of entry for these rodents to discourage them from invading further. It also involves finding and sealing holds in the siding or bricks, holes around windows and replacing deteriorating garage door sweeps.

Should the pests have entered your house via the attic, our professional technician can provide top notch insulation services to eliminate the chances of another infestation.


Attic Masters Insulation Services will conduct a sweeping inspection around the building to discover the possible points of entry and seal them off. From poorly sealed vents to pipe and garage doors with damaged weatherstripping, the places via which rodents invite themselves into your home.

Our handymen provide fencing solutions wherever applicable and appropriate. Common pests like mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels, racoons, opossums, skunks and even small foxes are kept outside by decontaminating attics, crawl spaces, drop ceilings and any other areas where they might have left their biological signatures.

When you hire our exclusion services, you get a one-year warranty on all the work that we have performed for you, though this offer is valid only for residential customers. An extended warranty can however be bought from us at an extra cost.

Insulation & Finishing

After the intruders have been given an indefinite leave of absence, we make sure to clean out and replace possibly damaged insulation in your attic. After all, rodents are seemingly mesmerized by chewing and scratching insulation, leaving it less and less effective.

Besides, these puny animals can leave droppings in the insulation, leaving the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth around and within the setup. After disinfecting the area, our servicemen make use of boric acid-infused insulation—which is used only by licensed pest control com[panies—to disorganize the factors that might lead to another invasion.

Well, in case you don’t know, boric-infused insulation repels a wide range of rodents and offers a flame retardant. Talk of one thing with multiple abilities.

Ant Repulsion, Flea Control

Ant control is another equally difficult issue, because the chances of another infestation are much higher than that of rodents. But when you have professionals tending to what needs tending, the issue can be quickly tacked and permanently resolved without causing harm to the environment and household life.

How about an infestation with wings? Yes, fleas. Controlling this kind of invasion proves to be the most challenging because of their flight—hence rapidly mobile—abilities. To control it, the reputable service providers use three different procedures.

Firstly, they use mechanical therapy to control the outbreak itself. Also, they can resort to habitat-based remedies for treating pests that are already in the house. Finally, there are insecticide cures for the region where the flea have habitats to deter them from returning to base.

Well, enough talk. Let’s get to work!